• When you seek treatment for low testosterone, it’s only the beginning of becoming better
  • A better dad…or son.
  • A better friend…and husband.
  • A better employee…or boss.
  • A better athlete…a better leader.
  • At Apex Men’s Health, we help make you a better man.

“Be a Better Man”

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Many men simply think that decreasing testosterone is a normal part of growing older and that older means over 50. They are unaware that even men in their thirties can experience fatigue, muscle mass decrease and other physical effects of Low T. In turn, these physical symptoms begin to affect men emotionally and thus can impact everyone and everything in their lives.

Feel Better

The good news is APEX offers a simple and convenient treatment to get your health—and your life—back on track. Clinical testosterone therapy begins with symptom evaluation; then we test the hormone levels in your blood. After your levels are determined, we work to regulate them by administering weekly shots and checking levels again every five to twelve weeks to ensure they are within a normal range.

Grow Stronger

At APEX, we’re not simply concerned about regulating testosterone levels—our approach involves total men’s health. Once we have restored your activity level through increased energy, we use that motivation to build your health in other ways, whether it be through a work-out program, smoking cessation or referrals to other specialists.

Climb Higher

Your emotional well-being, however, is of utmost importance to us: it’s the whole reason for improving your health. Feeling better physically increases your self-confidence, improves your moods and, as a result, helps you strengthen your relationships in all aspects of your life, including spiritually. Growing stronger in body, mind and soul makes you a better man.

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